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How to Avoid Common Septic Tank Problems

Apr 13

Although most septic tanks don't fill up, there are some things that could cause you concern. These problems can cause a stench in your home and damage your plumbing system. Many of these problems can be avoided. These common septic tank issues can be avoided. Learn more about these problems and how you can deal with them.

Tree root infiltration can also be a problem. Tree roots can cause sewage back-up by growing inside your septic tank. Tree roots could be causing cracks in your driveway. Root-infested trees may also cause septic tank problems such as clogging or leaking.

Tree roots can cause a backed-up septic tank. This is one of most common problems with septic tanks and can cause a lot of damage. Tree roots can block the water from entering the septic tank, as well as clogging drains. They can not only block the system but can also cause a mess around your house. You can check the septic tank if you have access. If you are unable to access the tank, you can push a stick through the access port to clear the clog. You may have to dig further down to find the clog if you are unable to locate it.

Another common problem with septic tanks is inlet pipe failure. Clogged inlet baffles can cause this problem. You can remove the blockage by pushing a pole through the access port. To check if the clog is located in the outlet pipe you can use a pole to push through the access port. This is not something you can do by yourself. Your system should be inspected at least once per year.

Another common problem with septic tanks is the inlet baffle. Similar to a clogged pipe, this problem affects the same part. You can reach the inlet baffle to remove the blockage and fix the problem. You can test the outlet baffle if the inlet baffle has become damaged by pushing a stick through the port. The inlet baffle must be replaced if it is cracked or broken.

Clogged inlet baffles can cause a common problem with septic tanks. A clogged inlet tube can cause a clog. If you are able to access the inlet baffle opening, you can inspect it yourself. If you are unable to reach it, call someone who can fix it for your. You should not ignore the condition of your septic tank.

Your septic tank can fail if it has a clogged inlet. Clogged inlet baffles can lead to sewage back-up, which can be a common problem with septic tanks. These problems should be reported to a professional. To prevent a blocked inlet, it is important to reduce household water consumption.

Also, a blocked inlet baffle could cause a septic system to fail. Inlet baffles allow waste to pass through the tank's opening. Although it is possible for a number of reasons, a blocked inlet can usually be fixed quickly. Many common problems with septic tanks do not require the assistance of a professional. A clogged inlet baffle could cause expensive problems, so it is best to call an expert.

Excessive water consumption can lead to a clogged inlet baffle. Overuse of water can lead to clogged inlet baffles. This can lead to a backflow of water in the house. A clogged inlet baffle can also be caused by excessive bleach and chemicals. A septic problem can also be caused by improperly flushing household waste. You should immediately contact a service provider if you notice a blocked inlet baffle.

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